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September 2, 2020



Pest Management Professional‘s September 2020 cover story chronicles the very different paths five pest management company leaders took for their growth in 2020. They either achieved 10 percent or greater sales growth in 2019 or are on track to do so in 2020 — in a year where little has been “normal.”

While the pandemic has led to many pest management firms preferring to play it safe in the near-term, Matt Hamblin begs to differ. The owner of Tempe, Ariz.-based Smart Pest Solutions — also known as the “guy on our cover” this month — says he faced similar uncertainty when starting his business in 2008, at the height of the Great Recession.

Because of it, he urges newbies considering starting their own pest control businesses, as well as established owners eyeing the next rung on the growth ladder, to take the leap.

“Economically, this pandemic is very similar to back then,” he points out. “Everyone thought I was crazy to start a business in a crisis, saying ‘now is the time to stay safe, stay put.’ But by setting your growth plan now, you’re learning to swim against a current. Eventually the current will go away, and you will emerge a stronger swimmer.”

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