Take advantage of exterior services for better bird control


September 15, 2020

Scott Swanson, National Accounts Manager, Bird·B·Gone

Scott Swanson, National Accounts Manager, Bird·B·Gone

The level of concern surrounding disease and its spread continues to rise with each 24-hour news cycle, and the practical need for sanitization and disinfection dominates our day-to-day lives. As I talk with pest management professionals (PMPs) across the nation, many are shocked to discover that pest birds and their debris can carry up to 60 known communicable diseases, most notably Salmonella, E. coli, West Nile virus and histoplasmosis.

With pandemic protocols limiting many PMPs’ activities to exterior services, now is the time to take advantage of every opportunity outside of the structure. On average, one out of every five of your existing commercial customers has an untreated pest bird issue. Winning just one bird job a month has the potential to add significant revenue to your business every single year.

Want to grow your business? Follow three simple steps:

  1. Look up, and look down. Make note of all signs of pest birds and their debris. Nesting and habitual roosting locations are hotspots for potential pathogen buildup.
  2. Talk to your customer. Share your observations. Use the opportunity to listen to their concerns, and educate them about the genuine disease risks pest birds can pose.
  3. Offer solutions. Provide customers with peace of mind. Offer cleaning and sanitization services, and share your plan to bird-proof their structures from future infestations.


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