Tips to remember while surveying for birds


September 29, 2020

Tim Coughlin, National Account Manager, Bird-X

Tim Coughlin, National Account Manager, Bird-X

Birds like to roost in comfortable structures where they have easy access to outside. Ask questions like: How long have the birds been a concern? Are birds nesting? Where have you seen the birds? The answers will help determine the best route to manage the problem. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while surveying:

  1. Take wide-view photos of the structure. It is good to be thorough in your documentation. This will help when planning solutions.
  2. Be able to identify pest birds in your service area. Understanding the life cycle and habits of the birds you are trying to control is key.
  3. Be prepared to offer multiple solutions. Netting, electrified track, bird wire, spikes, lasers, sonic devices and more are all part of the bird control toolbox.
  4. Be confident. There is no shame in asking for help to arrive at the correct solution. Your manager, state extension service, and bird manufacturer representatives are all prepared to assist.

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