Remote monitoring: Avoid checking empty traps


October 14, 2020

Peter Jardine, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Bayer

Peter Jardine, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Bayer

Rodent control has always been an art and a science. New remote monitoring technology can enhance the process in several ways.

For example, timestamped capture data provides a specific, precise, down-to-the-minute point in time when an event occurs. Equally important is the ability to know of captures as they occur, instead of days, or even weeks, later. These two pieces of information are vital, as they help inform where and when to deploy the “art and science” of rodent control.

Another fundamental change remote monitoring provides is that it “creates” time. While remote monitoring doesn’t literally manufacture minutes, the technology enables service providers to spend time on deep IPM inspection — and not on checking empty traps.


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