Gain rodent control as building reopen


October 19, 2020

Sandy Mackay

Sandy Mackay, Head of Technical, PelGar

As buildings reopen this year, you may find large rodent populations firmly established, or you may find rats and mice springing up in totally new areas. The drivers behind this are the simple needs for food, water and harborage. If all three are plentiful, rodents will happily stay in empty buildings and thrive in our absence; if not, they will migrate quite a distance in search of them.

All of the normal pest control solutions apply, but this year, be especially mindful of drains and sewers when you inspect buildings. Not only do they provide ample harborage for large colonies of rats, they are a “subterranean superhighway,” enabling rodents to get food and move to new areas with ease.

To gain quick control, you will need a mix of suitable water-resistant bait and exclusion methods. For large infestations, increase the number of bait boxes.


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