Use remote monitoring to stay ahead of rodent invasions


October 21, 2020

Ben Schreiber, Corteva

Ben Schreiber, ActiveSense Category Lead, Corteva

That first cold snap of fall sends rodents running for warmth. An effective electronic remote monitoring system can help you stay ahead of the impending invasion by allowing you to monitor rodent traps and stations 24/7. Pinpointed data collected by the system lets you know where and when activity is occurring, so you can target your response and tailor your service to improve efficiency.

Not only does an electronic remote monitoring system allow you to add value and increase customer satisfaction, you can extract revenue by shifting from checking traps to higher-value activities, such as strategic inspections. Your technicians will thank you, because they’ll have the tools to be more effective and minimize rote tasks.

Carefully consider the types of traps you’ll want to monitor, what data you need and the amount of control you demand, so you can select the best system for your business needs.

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