Eliminate rodent entry points


October 27, 2020

Ken Arai, Burrtec

Ken Arai, International Sales Manager, Burrtec Co.

There are many aspects of rodent control that are important to pest management professionals (PMPs), but prevention and exclusion are critical to avoiding infestations. Following basic procedures and embracing new technologies also play a role. Put as much time and effort as possible into your inspections, both residential and commercial.

Inspect exterior areas, looking for sources of food, water and trash. Then focus on eliminating the three biggest entry points into a structure: gaps, holes and penetrations.

As Pest Management Professional Hall of Famer Dr. Bobby Corrigan (Class of 2008) preaches, a mouse can exploit a hole the size of a dime. This includes pipes, cracks, siding openings, gaps in roofing and ceilings, and openings under doorways.

To close or caulk these areas to prevent rodents, make sure the right material is used, as rodents can chew through plastic, aluminum and even concrete. Only stainless steel-strength will keep a rodent’s teeth from successfully attacking a structure.

Then, arrange your monitoring devices, sensor cameras, bait stations and everything in your arsenal as appropriate. Good luck!

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