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Recognize the importance of IPM

|  October 30, 2020
Dr. Steve Krause. IMAGE: SENESTECH

Dr. Steven Krause, Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, Senestech

When evaluating the best tools for your rodent management program, recognizing the importance of integrated pest management (IPM) is critical to making effective decisions that solve the toughest infestations. The core activities for successful IPM are sanitation, exclusion and chemical deployment.

Contraceptives support prevention techniques, and strengthen the use of rodenticides and other control measures. Given that rats reproduce at faster rates than most species to ensure their colonies are safe, a contraceptive that works on both male and female rats mitigates population rebounds from compromising an effective IPM program.

In other words, when incorporated into your IPM strategy, contraceptives underscore your prevention efforts, resulting in greater success from a more complete rodent control program.

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