Mating disruption technology for SPP


November 18, 2020

James Miller, ACE, Market Manager, PCO, Trécé

James Miller, ACE, Market Manager, PCO, Trécé

Mating disruption is a relatively new technology for the professional pest management industry, offering the control and prevention of stored product pests (SPP) like the Indianmeal moth (IMM) and other affected species. IMM mating disruption offers three modes of action:

  1. Sensory overload. The male IMM’s antennae become saturated with synthetic sex pheromone, and cause the individual to become overloaded and not take flight.
  2. False trail following/confusion. The male IMM constantly is searching out a female moth — and with this technology, it’s to no avail.
  3. Delayed/denied mating. For every day we can delay or deny the male IMM from mating with the female, we gain a 20 percent to 25 percent reduction in the fertility of her eggs.

That’s right! This newer method of insect management is non-toxic and does not “kill” the insect, it merely prohibits or limits mating. There are many advances being made in furthering development of this technology, and you should contact your authorized distributor for more information.

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