Set monitors for consistent IMM observation


November 20, 2020

Jim Oakes

Jim Oakes, President, J.F. Oakes

For Indianmeal moths (IMM), one of the most common stored product pest (SPP) species, I suggest installing glue monitors that contain insect-specific sex pheromones throughout manufacturing, processing, packaging and storage accounts — and even residential accounts. These will help pinpoint insect infestations early, so they can be properly addressed.

The key to control is regular inspection. The sensitivity of an area dictates how often monitors should be inspected. In commercial accounts with zero-insect tolerance, for example, frequent monitoring is recommended. Residential accounts may be inspected quarterly or when other services are rendered.

Regardless of the frequency of checking monitors, the schedule should be kept consistent, so that monitoring records can be compared accurately. Teach your customers to take such preventive measures as sanitation, eliminating contaminated food sources and removing food sources if possible. At commercial accounts, they should check every incoming shipment for contaminated products before adding it to existing inventory.

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