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December 5, 2020

Coalmarch, a provider of digital marketing and call center solutions platforms for pest control and lawn care companies, held its fifth annual CO2 conference geared to business owners.

The virtual event, dubbed CO2@Home because of the coronavirus pandemic, was held over three half-days Dec. 1-3. CO2 returns to Coalmarch headquarters in Raleigh, N.C., on Dec. 7-10, 2021. To purchase tickets,  visit

Donnie Shelton, CEO of Coalmarch and owner of Triangle Pest Control, Holly Springs, N.C., introduced the presenters and moderated the panel discussions that followed the presentations each day.

Attendees had a chance to learn from one another and network during breakout sessions held at the middle and end of every day. Podium, Slingshot, Veseris, BASF, Syngenta and PestSure sponsored the event.

Day 1 focused on marketing. Speakers included Coalmarch’s VP of digital marketing, Rachel Betterbid; Dan Gordon, CPA, managing partner of PCO Bookkeepers and Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) “The Bottom Line” columnist; and Arrow Exterminators’ president and COO, Tim Pollard; VP of marketing, Jason Pelham; and SVP of marketing, Mike Malone, BCE.

Day 2 centered on sales, and featured Massey Services’ VP of business development, Ian Robinson; William Blair Equity Research Analyst Tim Mulroney; Fox Pest Control Co-founder and President Mike Romney; and Slingshot CEO Taylor Olson.

Day 3 was about customers, and included PMP’s “The ABCs of Growth” co-columnist and ABC Home & Commercial Services’ owner, Bobby Jenkins; Eastside Exterminators COO Sharon Roebuck; Podium Director of Sales David Hepworth; and SafeSpray Pest Control President John Carney.

Donnie Shelton Coalmarch CO2 2020

Coalmarch CEO and Triangle Pest Control Owner Donnie Shelton kicked off the virtual CO2@Home event. “With COVID this year, we had to adapt, we had to overcome,” he said, which helped businesses in these industries do well despite the pandemic. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF


Coalmarch sent attendees a box packed with supplies courtesy of the event’s generous sponsors. It included coffee and a coffee mug, snacks, and a notebook for jotting down helpful tips and ideas to try. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Tim Mulroney Coalmarch CO2 2020

William Blair analyst Tim Mulroney examined how the pest control industry performed in 2020 and how he expects COVID-19 to impact valuation in the year ahead. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Taylor Olson Coalmarch CO2 2020

Slingshot CEO Taylor Olson told attendees the use of automation and support from third party companies help prevent employee burnout. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Tim Pollard Coalmarch CO2 2020

Arrow Exterminators’ President and COO Tim Pollard explained the origins of the company, which began in 1964 and has since expanded to 131 service centers. “Our culture is our No. 1 competitive advantage,” he said. “It provides a greater purpose for our team to be involved in something bigger than just doing their everyday duties. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Mike Romney Coalmarch CO2 2020

Mike Romney cofounder and CEO, president of Fox Pest Control, examined “What Digital Can Learn from Door-to-Door” and explained how his company, which relies on door-to-door sales, has continued to grow since its launch in 2012. The foundation of the company is not about making money, he said, it’s about helping its employees grow. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Bobby Jenkins Coalmarch CO2 2020

Bobby Jenkins’ presentation focused on the importance of company culture on a company that provides a service. He says ABC Home & Commercial Services Austin translates its core values to core behaviors, which are how employees interact with customers, one another, and the community. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Sharon Roebuck Coalmarch CO2 2020

Sharon Roebuck, COO of Eastside Exterminators, offered advice for hiring and retaining customer service representatives (CSRs). “Make sure you are recording your calls,” she said. “It takes all the guesswork out of what someone did or did not say. It’s a great way to go back and listen and learn and coach.” SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Panel Discussion Day 2 Coalmarch CO2 2020

The panel discussion on Day 2 was moderated by Donnie Shelton (center) and included (pictured clockwise) Massey Services’ VP of business development, Ian Robinson; Fox Pest Control Co- founder and President Mike Romney; Slingshot Account Executive Cameron Beecher; and William Blair Equity Research Analyst Tim Mulroney. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Rachel Betterbid Coalmarch CO2 2020

Coalmarch’s VP of digital marketing Rachel Betterbid said because everyone is addicted to social media, companies with a presence on several different platforms make it easier for potential customers to find them. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Day 3 Panel Discussion Coalmarch CO2 2020

A panel discussion moderated by Coalmarch CEO Donnie Shelton (center) featured Day 3 speakers (pictured clockwise) SafeSpray Pest Control President Jim Carney; ABC Home and Commercial Services Owner and PMP columnist Bobby Jenkins; Podium Director of Sales David Hepworth; and Eastside Exterminators COO Sharon Roebuck. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Ian Robinson Coalmarch CO2 2020

Massey Services’ Ian Robinson drew on his 35 years of experience in the pest control industry, and offered tips for those committed to making their businesses better. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

David Hepworth Coalmarch CO2 2020

Podium’s Director of Sales David Hepworth said business owners assume phone and email provide the best means of communicating with customers, but texting is the future of communication. SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Dan Gordon Coalmarch CO2 2020

PCO Bookkeepers’ Dan Gordon led a “CFO Workshop,” during which he discussed how to measure the financial health of your business. “Every company should have recurring revenue woven into its core,” he advised. “During jolts to the economy, all the one-time revenue dries up. For the most part, you’re not losing as much revenue when it’s recurring.” SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

John Carney Coalmarch CO2 2020

SafeSpray Pest Control President John Carney answered the question, “What can we do for our customers to make them so happy they cannot help but write a 5 star review?” SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF

Panel Discussion Day 1 Coalmarch CO2 2020

All three days of the event ended with a panel discussion moderated by Coalmarch CEO Donnie Shelton (center). SCREENSHOT: PMP STAFF


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