Suggestions to eliminate stinging insect problems


April 26, 2021

Joe Barlie

Joe Barlie, BCE, Technical Service Lead, Bayer

Stinging pests cause great anxiety; for people with sensitivities and allergies, a sting may even be life-threatening. There are thousands of species of Hymenoptera, classified as bees and wasps, found throughout the United States. Most of these insects are solitary and perform beneficial behaviors to the ecology, including predation of pest arthropods, pollination and general scavenging of decaying matter.

When stinging insects, especially social species, create colony sites in and around structures, service to eliminate them is required. Direct treatment into the nest/colony site usually is the fastest and most effective method to eliminate the problem. Some tips include:

  • Wasps and bees are public health pests; be sure the product you choose is fully labeled for the pest and site you will be treating.
  • Equip yourself with a complete bee suit, including gloves and helmet, and wear it. And obviously, technicians who have insect venom allergies should not be assigned these services.
  • Choose active ingredients with fast knockdown and formulations that deliver the product deep into the nest. Think dusts, foams and pressurized liquids and aerosols, for example.
  • Treat at night, if possible, to impact all members of the colony.
  • Never block or plug the nest entrance; agitated insects may escape inside. Remove all nesting materials if possible after service.

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