Consider product droplet size for mosquito control


May 7, 2021

Dr. Jason Meyers, Technical Services Representative, BASF

Dr. Jason Meyers, Technical Services Representative, BASF

Some pest management professionals use gas-powered application devices for mosquito control. Others may choose to use a handheld or backpack pump sprayer. Each of these devices may result in a different size droplet of the product being delivered, and droplet size can have a tremendous effect on mosquito control efficacy.

Think of it as the Goldilocks effect, as droplets need to be at a “just right” size. Too large, and they fall to the ground far too quickly. Too small, and they may be carried to another property, depending on air current strength. Refer to your product label for the equipment type and ideal droplet range. A droplet in the label range will most likely impinge on a flying mosquito. It also will effectively cut through the air and adhere to plants and other surfaces for residual action, depending on the product formulation.


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