Protect customers from biting insects


May 21, 2021

Dr. Kurt Vandock

Dr. Kurt Vandock, Head of Community Health, Bayer

Biting insects are more than nuisance pests. For some species, bites may vector arboviral disease or even be life-threatening to those with sensitivities or allergies. There are many types of biting insects; however, among the hardest to control are those that fly.

In the U.S., mosquitoes are the most common suspects. These insects are difficult to control in residential settings because of their ability to travel long distances and across property lines. While an effective barrier spray can help reduce populations for your customers, there are other equally important integrated mosquito management (IMM) practices to consider:

  • Inspect your customers’ property, to reduce resources pests need to survive and breed. Eliminate rubbish and excess foliage, identify areas where standing water can collect, clean gutters, report nearby neglected swimming pools, etc.
  • Apply an appropriate insecticide carefully and thoroughly. Be sure the product you choose is fully labeled for the pest and site you are treating.
  • Communicate clearly, and set realistic customer expectations. Ensure they understand that complete elimination is unrealistic, thanks to the transient nature of flying pests.
  • Encourage customers to take ownership in the process. They can reduce breeding sites, stay indoors during peak pest activity, wear protective clothing, apply approved repellents, and use screening for doorways and windows.

For more resources, reach out to your manufacturer and distributor representatives, or contact your local agricultural extension office, mosquito control district or state epidemiologist. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also has an informational arbovirus page.


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