Successful termite inspections = successful treatments


July 8, 2021

Anna Hansen, Technical Support Specialist, MGK

Anna Hansen, Technical Support Specialist, MGK

The most successful termite treatments begin with a successful inspection. It is so easy to go on autopilot or rush an inspection by only looking for obvious signs in obvious places. However, it is important to stay alert. Get into crawlspaces and tight areas. After you determine the species involved and the extent of the infestation, you can then make your treatment plan most appropriate for that site. And remember, while subterranean termites (Rhinotermitidae) may be the most widespread, they are not the only species.

There is no one perfect treatment for all infestations. Understand the drawbacks as well as the benefits of each treatment method. For example, while soil treatments have many benefits, most will not eliminate a drywood termite (Kalotermitidae) infestation. And while most termite bait is effectively “dessert” to foraging termites, they will not travel extreme distances or ignore other food sources to reach it. Compensate for that by placing several bait stations strategically.

Whatever strategies you choose, impress your customers with clear communication and thorough documentation.


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Anna Hansen, Technical Support Specialist, MGK

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