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July 26, 2021



As a pest management professional (PMP), do you stress the professional part of your job?

Looking and acting like a pro will help you attract and keep customers. The PMPs interviewed for our cover story, “Tips on how to build your brand identity,” and our contributors and Editorial Advisory Board members share why a professional image adds to your brand.

PMPs have several opportunities to convey professionalism, including:

  • In person: Technicians who appear neat and well-dressed, in color-coordinated uniforms featuring company logos, convey professionalism. Paperwork and handouts with your company logo prominently displayed also demonstrate a positive image.
  • Online: Use your company logo, color(s) and slogan or mission statement on your website and social media platforms, and in videos and email signatures. Sticking with a consistent look illustrates the professionalism of your company, no matter the venue in which customers connect with you.
  • On the road: Some PMPs make the most of their “rolling billboards” by requiring technicians to keep their company vehicles clean at all times, and adding eye-catching pests (or pest parts) and graphics. Using consistent colors and logos allows potential customers to get familiar with your brand, a move that will pay off when they need pest control services.

Adopt a professional look, leave a positive impression, and help elevate the pest control industry.


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Headshot: Diane Sofranec

Diane Sofranec is the senior editor for PMP magazine. She can be reached at dsofranec@northcoastmedia.net or 216-706-3793.

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