3 aerosols for quick fly control


August 4, 2021

Dr. Cassie Krejci

Dr. Cassie Krejci, Technical Field Specialist, MGK

Aerosols have become an easy-to-use option for quick fly control, but did you realize that not all aerosols are created equal? Much like insecticide concentrates, ready-to-use aerosols will differ in how they effectively control the target insect. For fly control, you have three main choices:

⦁ Aerosol baits attract flies to a central baiting area when the product is applied. The flies land on the non-porous surface and consume the bait. When choosing an aerosol fly bait, make sure the client is OK with flies being drawn to the treated area by an attractant.

⦁ Knockdown aerosols provide a quick kill of flies, especially those that are in the area at the time of treatment. In addition to their quick flushing action, knockdown aerosols can be appropriate for environmentally sensitive areas where residual control is not desired.

⦁ Residual aerosols are made to not only flush flies out of the treated area, but also provide longer-lasting effects than knockdown aerosols alone. Choose residual aerosols when you want to flush flies and provide extended control in the absence of a liquid insecticide concentrate treatment.


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Dr. Cassie Krejci, BCE, is head of science and innovation for North America at Rentokil Initial.

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