We did it, so they don’t


August 13, 2021


[SPONSORED CONTENT] Rats reproduce like crazy. So SenesTech developed ContraPest — the first contraceptive for rats. That’s right, birth control. Non-lethal, it’s a more humane way to reduce an ever-growing horde of rodents. And they love it! It’s a fatty, sweet, liquid they can’t get enough of. As both male and female rats keep coming back for this “milkshake,” reproduction rates go down.

Add ContraPest to your integrated pest management program and just watch the rat populations reduce. Before long, you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of this sooner. But we did, so they won’t repopulate their way back to uncontrollable levels.

Support safe rat sex at SafeRatSex.com.

For more information contact us at 1-866-886-RATS or info@contrapeststore.com.

This video is sponsored content by SenesTech.

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