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A closer look at CSI’s Precision Delivery System featuring Doxem Precise

December 8, 2019 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] During PestWorld 2019, industry pros offer their takes on the Precision Delivery System featuring Doxem Precise. Tune in to hear their thoughts after field testing the latest innovations from Control Solutions Inc. To learn more about the Precision... Read more»

Apply bait like never before with the next big thing in pest control

November 7, 2019 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] Jeremi Farrar, regional manager, J&J Exterminating Co.; Raleigh Jenkins, president, ABC Home & Commercial Services; and Dr. Janis Reed, technical services manager for pest control operations with Control Solutions Inc., offer insights into how the new Precision Delivery... Read more»

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Introducing Bell Sensing Technologies

October 24, 2019 By
Patrick Lynch, ACE, of Bell Laboratories offers an exclusive look at the iQ product line, powered by the new Bell Sensing Technologies. To learn more about Bell iQ products, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies, visit BellSensing.com. Read more»
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Ant Battles: Keys to a successful ant job

September 1, 2019 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] Scott Monds, general manager of National Exterminating Co., offers a look at what tactics and tools his team relies on to successfully control ants in the Virginia area. Read more»

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Effective products help build customer relationships

November 1, 2018 By
The team at ABC Home & Commercial Services, Houston, Texas, mainly battles cockroaches, spiders ants. Ben Johnson and Steven Martin of ABC share why Control Solutions Inc.'s Fuse and Tekko Pro have been the go-to products for ABC's technicians out in the field.

Fast, effective rodent control with Selontra

September 5, 2018 By
Five years of research and development at BASF has resulted in Selontra®, a patented soft bait formula for controlling rodents. With its fast colony kill and impressive labor savings, Selontra rodent bait gives you the power to take on even the worst rat and mice infestations while saving valuable time and money. SPONSORED CONTENT Read more»
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Innovation fuels CSI’s Pressurized Solutions

July 18, 2018 By

Mosquito Joe using CSI products

Mosquito Battles: Lou Schager of Mosquito Joe turns to Control Solutions Inc.

June 5, 2018 By

Tekko Pro FUSE Control Solutions Inc

Offering comprehensive pest control with combination chemistry

April 26, 2018 By
Control Solutions Inc. helps companies use products more efficiently because of the science and technology used to create their products. Find out how a pest management operation in Chicago has the confidence to treat any pest in the building because of CSI's combination chemistry.

Bell Laboratories introduces Contrac® Soft Bait

September 1, 2017 By
Contrac® Soft Bait, a single-feed formulation, contains the second generation anticoagulant, bromadiolone. It is our most extensively researched and tested rodenticide which has undergone comprehensive field testing to ensure its performance in urban, rural, commercial and residential settings.
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