How to protect yourself from bird diseases


September 23, 2021

Tim Coughlin, National Account Manager, Bird-X

Tim Coughlin, National Account Manager, Bird-X

Birds can transmit more than 60 diseases that can infect humans through inhalation, dermal, oral and ocular paths. Proper safety precautions can help protect you, your family and the public from communicable diseases spread by birds.

Before going to perform a survey for bird control, make sure you have all the personal protective equipment (PPE) you need for the job, including eye protection, rubber gloves, a dust mask, a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter mask, and shoe covers or washable rubber boots. A Tyvek suit may be recommended for extended exposure to bird droppings, and live and dead birds.

When removing bird debris, your first step is to wet the affected area with a sanitizing solution, preferably a microbial bird cleaner labeled for bird dropping removal. When the debris starts to become dry, soak it again with the sanitizer. Proceed to bag the removed bird debris and dispose of it properly.

Before re-entering your vehicle, remove and bag clothing and footwear that may have come in contact with bird debris and sanitizer. Wash the affected clothing separately from other laundry.
Stay safe.

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Tim Coughlin, National Account Manager, Bird-X

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