Successful rodent control with proper inspections


October 13, 2021

Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch, SVP of Sales, Bell Laboratories, Inc.

The key to successful rodent control is conducting thorough inspections. One of the challenges we come across when conducting the initial inspection is where to place rodent traps. These traps become our sentinels when we are not at the account. Because of this, good trap placement often is in areas that are hard to reach, requiring a long ladder or safety equipment to access.

Checking traps often becomes the most time-consuming aspect of rodent control. This can be frustrating, as the vast majority of traps do not have captures at each account visit. The easiest solution to this common problem is to use traps with integrated rodent monitoring technology. Such traps can:

  • Communicate seamlessly to pest management professionals (PMPs) and give verifiable proof of service and inspection.
  • Make it easier for PMPs to focus on other problem areas of account, thanks to time savings.
  • Ensure PMPs never have to check an empty trap again.

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Patrick Lynch is Regional Sales Manager for Bell Laboratories.

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