Take time to assess to find rodent solutions


October 13, 2021

Mark Ebner

Mark Ebner, account development manager,  Woodstream

As PMPs at commercial rodent management accounts, we can be focused on getting to and servicing the next device at an account. When only looking for the next device, we are not observing or inspecting what we may be walking past. Taking a 3D approach, however, means looking in all directions — not just the direction of the next station.

Many times, the solution to a pest problem can be right in front of us; we are just not seeing it because we are in a rush.

Give yourself additional inspection time. Take the opportunity to revisit recommendations with your contacts at the facility, pointing out new (and perhaps continuing) issues such as broken doors and windows, or areas of a building that are not sealed correctly and require exclusion. Being proactive and following up on corrective actions can help strengthen your relationship with these customers, which will enable you to continue working with these accounts for a long time to come.

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Mark Ebner is an account development manager at Woodstream.

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