Less is more when it comes to setting rodent traps


October 20, 2021

Chris Ernst

Chris Ernst, brand strategy director,  Catchmaster

When baiting for rodents using snap traps, always remember that less is more. You don’t need a lot; roughly about a kidney bean-size amount of bait will work. Adding too much bait can lead to problems in two ways:

  1. The rodents may be able to get enough of the bait without fully committing to the trap.
  2. Too much bait can adversely affect trap performance.

If using bait, be sure to check for any household allergies first. If you aren’t having any luck with food-based baits, be sure to switch it up. Nesting materials like cotton balls or paper towel scraps often can prove desirable. Also, experiment with adding a little vanilla extract to these materials to help sweeten the deal.

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Chris Ernst is a brand strategy director for Catchmaster.

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