Baton: Referral network


October 29, 2021

IMAGE: BATONFree to join, Baton is a platform that allows pest control firms and related home services companies to “pass the baton” and easily and securely refer customers to other members when they move, live out-of-area, or need a service not offered. As more companies double-down on high-margin, recurring services like general residential pest control and mosquito reduction, many have begun to leverage Baton to refer wildlife, bee, bed bug, termite, lawn care and other requests outside their core competency. And with the labor shortage in full swing, others increasingly refer away jobs beyond a defined service area to instead focus on building denser routes near existing clients. Similarly, busy operators might not be able to schedule new customers quickly enough to get the deal; so to them, they’d rather make a little through referring than nothing at all. Moving customers may also want a referral for someone in their new area that their previous company doesn’t reach. More than 100 companies are already in the network, and more are signing up daily.

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