Indianmeal moths can be found outside of the pantry


November 8, 2021

Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker, BCE, is a consultant for BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions.

Sometimes you’re lucky when searching for the source of Indianmeal moth (IMM) infestations: You go to the pantry where the spices, flour, pasta, etc., are kept, or you check where the pet food or bird seed is stored, and bingo!

But there are accounts that have chronic infestations of Plodia interpunctella for years. Despite diligent inspections and treatments, the problem persists, requiring even more extensive inspections.

Keep in mind, however, that a continuous source of IMM adults requires a continuous source of larvae. The larvae are feeding on something in the structure or outdoors. Search for old rodent bait. Check dried flower arrangements and stored seasonal decorations made with popcorn, dried fruits or nuts. Outdoor bird feeders close to the structure often have seeds scattered on the ground that mice will forage and carry into wall voids via weep holes or other penetrations in exterior perimeter walls. Also, check the back sides of outlet covers for remnants of IMM pupae.

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Jeffrey Tucker, BCE, is a consultant at BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions.

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