Evolve YT: ‘Exquisite Communication’ Course


January 10, 2022


On Feb. 9, Evolve YT will present its newest virtual educational course, “Exquisite Communication – What + How = WOW.” The course, which is based on the methodology behind WOW, the exquisite communication process Phil Cooper introduced in his book by the same name, will take place that day from noon to 4 p.m. Eastern. According to Cooper, attendees will learn “the five steps of WHAT to Communicate and the 12 steps of HOW to Communicate. Then at the end of the course, they will understand each step, how to practice it and how to grade each step, so they can learn to communicate with ninja-like precision.” The course is applicable for technicians, service managers, customer service reps and more, to help improve both internal and external communications. Group discounts are available.


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