Three best practices to prevent ants


January 28, 2022

Brian Mount

Brian Mount

Because ants are so routinely encountered, it is critical that we understand how to manage them and take the time to do so correctly. Managing ant infestations is dependent on the species, and location of the infestation. Below are three best practices that should apply to any situation.

  1. Be proactive. Deny ants access to the structure by trimming landscape ornamentals back from the home and check them for such honeydew producers as aphids, mealybugs, etc. Doing so will eliminate, or at least reduce entry points and food sources.
  2. Identify the species, as this will help create a treatment plan. Different species of ants have different behaviors that should be factored into your management program — spray vs. bait, for example.
  3. Follow ant trails. These can lead to pest entry points, nest sites, food and water sources, as well as conducive conditions in need of correction.


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Brian Mount

Brian Mount, BCE, is the urban product development lead at FMC Professional Solutions.

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