A step ahead of ants


January 31, 2022

Joe Barile

Joe Barile, BCE, Technical Service Lead, Bayer

Ant management is certainly not easy, and pest management professionals always should work to stay ahead of populations. Here are just a few tips for a successful ant management program:

  • Ensure proper identification. This is the most important aspect of an ant management program. Different ant species often can look alike, but have very different behaviors and life cycles. Proper identification is critical to design a successful management program.
  • Pay attention to species and season. Bait preference, for example, will differ by species and season. In some instances, a bait that works well in the spring can be entirely ignored in the heat of the summer.
  • Maintain a varied toolbox. While baits can be an important tool, sprays can be used to help prevent ant infestation in a building. Insecticide dusts also can be effective when properly applied into voids that may provide a means of entry inside a structure.


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Joe Barlie, BCE, Technical Service Lead, Bayer

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