Use bait to get control of ants


January 31, 2022

Andy Linares, President/Founder, Bug Off Pest Control Center

Andy Linares, President/Founder, Bug Off Pest Control Center

The concept of ant trophallaxis is a beautiful thing for PMPs. Trophallaxis is the transfer of food or other fluids among ant colony for feeding. It’s also a method of communication for ants. Now, when you introduce an ant bait into the equation, ant foragers act as tiny Trojan horses when they return to base — spreading the bait throughout the colony.

The key is using enough bait to get control. If bait placements are depleted before neutralizing the colony, the population will certainly rebound.

It’s also important to use the most attractive bait appropriate for the situation. Certain bait formulations, actives and matrices will accommodate the ant’s nutritional predilection at any given moment — especially when considering what food sources with which you’re already competing.

Regardless of the ant’s dietary needs or preferences, it always requires fluids. Thus, accompany bait placements with a steady supply of fresh liquid baits.


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