Bed bugs can be anywhere


February 10, 2022

Dr. Jason Meyers, Technical Services Representative, BASF

Dr. Jason Meyers, Technical Services Representative, BASF

In some cases, bed bugs are misnamed. They could just as easily be called suitcase bugs, backpack bugs or living room bugs.

Bed bugs spread into living areas, and can be seen on any surface, including chairs, railings and ceilings. Inspecting and treating these areas can make the difference between a good and great bed bug business, so find them where they hide.

If you have a maintenance account, perform a thorough inspection of the account every six months. Focus on areas of bed bug activity such as bed frames, box springs, headboards, upholstered furniture, and cracks and crevices in baseboards, bedroom furniture and carpet edges.

Set clear expectations. Let your customers know in advance that all bed bugs may not be eradicated during the first visit. While most are eliminated because of the first treatment, occasionally a few will remain or be brought into the dwelling afterward. If bed bugs persist, schedule follow-up inspections and treatments every one to two weeks until they are gone.


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