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February 10, 2022

Illustration: Leo Michael

Illustration: Leo Michael

What’s the secret to success for owners running highly profitable pest control businesses? Skill? Luck? Gamesmanship? A mix of all three?

The author of this month’s “Bell Ringer” cover story, Dan Gordon, CPA, shares a winning game plan based on his years of experience as Pest Management Professional’s finance columnist, and owner of PCO Bookkeepers and PCO M&A Specialists.

Learn about a few of his pest control company clients that rely on solid strategies to boost profits, cash flow and company valuations in this month’s issue of Pest Management Professional. Check out the steps they took, if you’re looking for a way to ensure your company will remain profitable during good times and bad.

The past two years made clear that every company is vulnerable to incidents that suddenly disrupt business as usual. Successful companies, like those mentioned here, prepare for the unexpected.

Proven solutions are available so you won’t struggle to stay in business when times get tough. It’s easy money for pest control company owners to move to electronic monthly billing, quarterly services and other recurring business models.

Pest control companies focused on recurring revenue, strong profit margins and cash flow tend to really “ring the bell” when it comes to company valuations. It’s always a good gameplan to tweak your company’s processes to go from good to great.


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