Vacuum to remove bed bugs


February 16, 2022

Dr. Nina Jenkins

Dr. Nina Jenkins

For initial service, vacuuming to remove all visible bed bugs, skins and eggs prior to treatment is key. A vacuum is the most effective way to ensure all visible bed bugs are instantly removed. This provides an immediate “knockdown” of the bed bug population, and maximizes treatment success.

Vacuuming visible bed bugs directly is effective because bed bugs layer on top of one another, and young nymphs hide inside shed skins, where they often are protected from direct chemical treatment.

Vacuuming also will remove dust and debris, which can absorb chemicals and reduce their efficacy. After vacuuming, use an appropriately labeled residual product to target the bed bugs that are hidden or cannot otherwise be reached.


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Dr. Nina Jenkins is the founder and CTO of ConidioTec.

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