Commit to customers for long-term success


February 18, 2022

Mark Lanford

Mark Lanford

Bed bugs are one of my favorite training topics to discuss. Every company has its own bed bug elimination strategy, and unique strategies generally lead to lively banter. That’s why I’ll start a bed bug presentation by encouraging shared experiences. Operators love to show photos of the really bad infestations they encounter. Some pest management professionals (PMPs) employ steam; some use dry heat; some use chemicals or fumigants. Others use a combination approach. Many PMPs also require customers to buy mattress and box spring covers.

The one common theme from all of these shared experiences, however, is that PMPs must have a commitment from customers to be successful long-term. Every operator should provide customers with a detailed pretreatment checkoff list, one that outlines their responsibilities in this epic battle. The treatment’s success always depends on customer cooperation. Do not attempt to treat the dwelling until all of the checklist items are satisfied. It’s a team effort and you, as a PMP, are leading the charge to victory.


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