Check and prevent bed bugs


February 28, 2022

Joe Barile

Joe Barile, BCE, Technical Service Lead, Bayer

Bed bugs not only cause harm to people’s health, they also pose a serious threat to businesses’ reputations, revenue and customer experience. With the ongoing pandemic, some bed bug populations have been left unchecked and are increasing. Comprehensive treatment is essential.

Bed bugs can be attracted to the naturally produced odors humans leave on bedding, furniture and personal items. Remember to inspect items such as stuffed toys, shoes and backpacks as needed. If neglected, these items can lead to callbacks.

Treatments can be multi-pronged strategies, tailored to the situation. For convenience and efficacy in many cases, use appropriately labeled pressurized insecticide formulations. Their small size and ability to spray in any position are welcome benefits when treating hard-to-reach sites. Also, be sure to encase contaminated items in certified “bed bug-proof” encasements.

After treatment, remind customers to open as many windows as possible and leave surfaces alone until the spray has dried. There are also plenty of steps to take to prevent the future spread of bed bugs, including educating customers that sanitation alone will not eliminate bed bugs; advising customers to have a clutter-free environment before and after treatment; and moving furniture from contact with walls and infested furniture.


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Joe Barlie, BCE, Technical Service Lead, Bayer

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