Tips to improve your integrated pest management program


March 10, 2022

Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd

As we know, German cockroaches can be introduced into a home through a variety of sources. Even a clean home can experience a temporary problem. To avoid complete infestation, you should strongly recommend the following steps as part of your Integrated Pest Management program:

  • Inspect each room of the home, and perform a deep cleaning where you can. Look for conducive conditions, such as open containers of food. Look for water sources, such as leaking pipes under cabinets and behind appliances. Clean all countertops and in cabinets with a bio-sanitation cleaning solution.
  • Inspect and clean behind the refrigerator, dishwasher and, if possible, the stove. If signs of cockroach activity are found, such as castings and fecal matter, deep-clean these areas. Use a vacuum with HEPA filtration to remove all traces. Vacuuming has a significant impact on avoiding or reducing infestations.
  • Perform exclusion. After completing the deep cleaning, seal all cracks and holes leading to void spaces discovered in your inspection.

With strong sanitation, you can significantly reduce the use of pesticides. You can avoid the harmful effects of infestation on those with asthma and allergies, as well as the creation of pesticide-resistant cockroaches.


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  1. Manoj Kumar says:

    Integrated pest management programs are designed to help keep your home pest-free. They can be a valuable aid in reducing the risk of infestation and also help you save money by eliminating expensive treatments. Thank you for sharing wondering tips to improve integrated pest management program.