Tips to manage a cockroach infestation


March 10, 2022

David Newfang

David Newfang, ACE

When battling a cockroach infestation, the first step always should be a thorough inspection. Locate the harborages and locate food, water and heat sources.

The second step should be physical removal, which should be done with a HEPA-filtered vacuum to eliminate all cockroach life stages and help alleviate airborne allergens. Flush any remaining cockroaches out of cracks and crevices with a botanical-based aerosol, which will work quickly and repel cockroaches away from existing harborage sites.

Next, apply non-repellent amorphous silica dust or boric acid dust to harborage areas for lasting protection. If applying gel and/or granular baits, minimize competing food sources.

For ongoing service, monitor the account using durable plastic monitoring stations. To assist in degradation of organic debris, cockroach feces and fecal spots, use bio sanitation foam or liquid treatment.


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David Newfang, ACE, is a technical representative at Rockwell Laboratories.

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