Arsenal to have against cockroaches


March 25, 2022


Harry Bryan, manages mid-south territory, Nisus Corporation

A heavy German cockroach infestation indicates the population has been happily multiplying due to conducive conditions – that is, adequate food, water and harborage.

Unfortunately, serious infestations are extremely challenging, particularly when a customer does not take adequate steps toward good sanitation. This is a tough battle to fight, but it happens. Know the situation, and plan accordingly.

Baits (including granular and gel), dusts, residual aerosols, sticky traps and vacuums are valuable tools in your arsenal. Effective control is also dependent on the knowledge and skill of the technician. Gel baits are effective, but proper placement and particle size of the bait is critically important.

Regardless of the products you choose, at the end of the day, pesticide application is not the service. Your knowledge is the service.


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Harry Bryan is the director of business development in the pest control division at Nisus Corp.

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