Using monitors to track cockroaches


March 25, 2022

Chris Ernst

Chris Ernst, brand strategy director for Catchmaster

Like any good mystery, the start of your cockroach work at a new account will offer lots of unanswered questions. Don’t forget that insect monitors can be great tools to help you investigate what is happening at any location. When initially placed, monitors can help you determine the population density and where the most pressure is occurring. In addition, monitors will indicate the direction of cockroaches as they move through an account, providing clues to possible food sources or harborage areas.

Also, pay attention to the individual cockroaches caught in your monitors. Are you catching more juveniles? If so, this may suggest a breeding site is nearby.

Finally, using monitors over time and comparing your catch rates will provide insight into the effectiveness of your treatments. Think of monitors as “private eyes” helping you solve the mysteries in an account.


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Chris Ernst is a brand strategy director for Catchmaster.

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