Protect yourself against stinging pests


April 11, 2022

Heather Erskine

Heather Erskine

No one gets the warm fuzzies when they think about wasps. In most cases, that’s because of personal experience or painful encounters with these stinging pests. As we move toward warmer months, we will start observing more wasp activity and growing nests that will require treatment.

As with any stinging insect, safety is a top concern around wasps. Therefore, it’s critical to use caution and take the necessary steps to protect yourself:

  1. Be observant of food sources and flight paths that foraging wasps are using.
  2. Avoid wearing fragrant products that could attract wasps.
  3. Follow the label, and make sure the product is labeled for how you intend to use it.
  4. Do not spray in windy conditions, to avoid exposure to yourself or non-target areas.
  5. Treat at times when wasps are less active and gathered in the nest — like in early morning, when it’s cooler.


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