Prevention of stinging insects


April 22, 2022


Harry Bryan, manages mid-south territory, Nisus Corporation

Insects that sting are a potential health risk. In fact, it is reported that stinging insects send up to 500,000 people to the emergency room each year. For this reason, stinging insects strike fear in the average homeowner. Sometimes a customer will call specifically for a stinging insect issue. Other times, a technician already is on the job and either the work is covered by a service agreement or the customer asks for assistance while the technician is onsite.

Technicians should communicate with customers when any stinging insect is discovered, and provide treatment information. Many of the products on the market today are formulated to neutralize workers at the very least: A foam solution used on nests both prevents individuals from flying and incapacitates them. Liquid insecticides leave a good residual that may prevent nest-building.

Prevention, as compared to remediation, usually is more effective. Technicians can explain the biology and habits of the pest found and what homeowners can do to reduce incidents, such as not leaving unrinsed recycling outside, covering sweet drinks at picnics, and periodically looking at their outdoor environment for early signs of activity.


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Harry Bryan is the director of business development in the pest control division at Nisus Corp.

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