Finding yellowjacket nests


April 25, 2022

Mark Lanford, Technical Representative, Ensystex

Mark Lanford, Technical Representative, Ensystex

Whether it’s the eastern (Vespula maculifrons), southern (V. squamosa), or other species, why do yellowjackets seem so aggressive? The answer is simple: Yellowjackets are territorial, and when they feel their nest is threated, they will attack. Yellowjackets and their cousins, the bald-faced hornets (Dolichovespula maculate), secrete an alarm pheromone whenever threatened or disturbed. That’s why swatting and killing that pesky yellowjacket that’s circling your drink only seems to draw more to the party. And as we move through the season and their food sources dry up in late summer, the problem only gets worse.

At these accounts, you may need to go on a little hunting mission to locate the yellowjacket nest(s). They usually will be found underground, although sometimes they can be located nesting in the walls of a home. An early-morning or early-evening treatment is the prescription.

My favorite method always has been insecticidal dust applied with an extension puffer bulb. If possible, place a window screen over the nest entry hole before applying any treatment, to prevent yellowjackets from escaping and to protect yourself and others from a vicious attack.


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Mark Lanford, Technical Representative, Ensystex

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