The “Five W’s” of mosquito control programs


May 9, 2022

Tim Husen

Tim Husen

It’s important for customers to understand your mosquito control program, so you can deliver the best possible service. A great way to educate customers is by coaching them on the “Five W’s” of your program.

  • Who: Explain the type of mosquito they’re dealing with, as each species has different flying, breeding and feeding habits; this also can help set appropriate expectations. Walk through the inspection report, focusing on any potential risks (environmental, structural, etc.).
  • What: Offer tips for reducing mosquito pressure on their properties. Focus on sanitation and habitat modifications that customers can easily achieve, and provide detailed service records.
  • When: Explain when they should start seeing results, and when they can use their outdoor space again.
  • Where: Identify where you made mosquito treatments.
  • Why: Tell customers why you used certain products and equipment. Explain why you applied to specific sites, rather than “fogging” the area.

Last but not least, don’t forget the How: Remind customers how they can reach you if they have any questions or concerns.


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Dr. Tim Husen, BCE, is the technical services manager at Syngenta.

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