Eliminate mosquito breeding sites


May 13, 2022

David Newfang

David Newfang, ACE

It’s crucial to inspect for mosquito breeding sites before applying barrier treatments. A common culprit is stagnant water, but so are heavy vegetation and other areas that receive rain or irrigation, but no sunlight. Eliminate these sites to every extent possible. Female mosquitoes are blood feeders, whereas males are not. Each species has different feeding habits: Culex spp. tend to feed at night, while Aedes spp. tend to bite day and night. In addition to bloodmeals, mosquitoes will feed on plants and nectar as well.

Mosquitoes typically will rest in damp, dark areas. These are prime areas to treat with botanical insecticides. The strong vapor-phase repellency will make these areas inhospitable to mosquitoes. Botanical insecticide dusts and granules also can be strategically applied to extend the residual effects in mosquito-attractive areas. Certain botanicals also can be mixed with pyrethroids to improve knockdown, and extend residual vs. using a botanical or pyrethroid alone.


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