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May 20, 2022

Scott Tolbert

Scott Tolbert

You can do several things to maximize the effectiveness of your treatments. Conduct a careful inspection of the property to look for places that mosquitoes can breed. In addition to kiddie pools and plant saucers, are the gutters clogged or draining poorly? Are air-conditioner drip pans draining properly? Are the recycle and trash bin lids open? Homeowners can be your biggest allies in the fight to reduce callbacks. Just a few more tips:

  • Backpack blowers allow insecticides to be dispersed effectively and thoroughly, getting to the undersides of leaves of shrubs and trees where mosquitoes rest, but don’t forget the undersides of deck boards, too.
  • The use of a “spreader sticker” agent breaks the surface tension of water, reducing beading and runoff, then “glues” the insecticide to the applied surface. Insect growth regulators (IGRs) also can be incorporated in your treatments.
  • Be wary of drift, especially on a breezy day. It is important to not get any insecticide on blooming plants, herb beds, vegetable gardens, outdoor pet bowls, fish ponds
    and birdbaths.
  • Remind customers to empty their plant saucers regularly, and to empty and replenish the water in their birdbaths about every four or five days to break the life cycle from
    egg to adult.


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Scott Tolbert is a technical representative at Ensystex.

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