Prevent mosquitoes with close inspections


May 23, 2022


Harry Bryan, manages mid-south territory, Nisus Corporation

As with any integrated pest management (IPM) program, it is vital to inspect an area, listen to the customer, and identify the species at a mosquito account. A thorough inspection can be performed during the day to get an idea as to which species is bugging the customer. Look for areas of standing water or areas such as playground equipment, which can hold water even if it is dry at the time of the inspection.

Know the biology of the pest mosquito. For example, certain mosquitoes are treetop species and will not be controlled easily via perimeter pest management. Others, like the Asian tiger mosquito, typically are day feeders and prefer small wet areas — hence another common name for the species,
the tree hole mosquito.

For any control measures, make sure treatment is not performed on flowering plants. These treatments could harm honey bees.

Prevention, as compared to remediation, is usually more effective. Technicians can explain the biology and habits of the pest found, and what homeowners can do to reduce incidents, such as not leaving unrinsed recycling outside, covering sweet drinks on picnics, and periodically looking at their outdoor environment for early signs of activity.


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Harry Bryan is the director of business development in the pest control division at Nisus Corp.

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