Find potential sites for mosquitoes to lay eggs


May 25, 2022

Greg Pettis

Greg Pettis

When it comes to mosquito control, we really need to think in three dimensions (3D). It doesn’t matter how hard you treat, if you don’t target the correct harborage sites, the issue will continue as a result of breeding. I say 3D because those breeding sites can be anywhere — on the ground, underneath decks, or up in the gutters. Finding those sites greatly reduces the chances that your customers will continue to be bitten.

After arriving on your customer’s property, take a good walk around, inspecting high and low for any potential sites that could allow mosquitoes to lay eggs. Ask yourself, “If I were a mosquito, where would I be able to lay eggs on this property?” Never make assumptions, and think about what happens when it rains: Where will the runoff flow to?

On problem accounts, sometimes a visit shortly after it rains is helpful to find what parts of the property are prone to puddling.

Remember, just as integrated pest management is multifaceted, so is your customer’s property.


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