Mosquito control in residential properties


May 31, 2022

Dr. Chuck Silcox

Dr. Chuck Silcox

Mosquito control on residential properties has many challenges. The property usually is relatively small, and the neighboring properties often do not take measures to control mosquitoes.

One of the basic tenets of mosquito management is source reduction, either by eliminating standing water where mosquito larvae develop, or by treating the water with an appropriately labeled mosquito larvicide. Without the cooperation of neighbors, however, there will be a constant influx of adult mosquitoes onto the property you are servicing.

Although source reduction still should be enacted on your customer’s property, a strategy to control adult mosquitoes is the key to a successful outcome. A plan must be developed to target adult mosquitoes in locations where they spend their time during the heat of the day. Think of shaded, relatively cool and humid places that provide shelter from the hot sun. Thick vegetation on the property should be treated with an appropriately labeled residual insecticide. Using the high label rate will provide the longest period of residual control. A four-gallon backpack sprayer will hold the typical volume of spray that will be required to treat an average-sized property.


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Dr. Chuck Silcox is the product development manager at AMGUARD.

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