Understanding termite biology


July 11, 2022

Dan Hill

Dan Hill

Because of the cryptic nature of termites, an understanding of their biology is key to developing a control strategy. Termite inspectors also need to have a strong understanding of building construction and practices to find active termites.

For instance, monolithic slab homes offer very few termite entry points. At these accounts, pay close attention to the outside wall baseboards, bath traps, and the areas where plumbing and electrical services penetrate the slab. Sometimes, the building type can be obscured and difficult to determine, so make sure you can confirm exactly the type of construction you’re inspecting.

Use all your tools in your termite inspection toolbox. Critical areas such as earth-filled porches, patio and garage slabs, for example, may need to be treated with foam and directional tips. On slab-constructed homes, you must gain access to bath traps for inspection and possible treatment.


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Dan Hill is a technical representative at Ensystex.

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