Questions with liquid termiticide application


July 18, 2022

Dr. Chuck Silcox

Dr. Chuck Silcox

Pest management professionals (PMPs) looking to provide excellent post-construction termite control with a liquid termiticide application should consider three basic questions:

  1. Is the active ingredient non-repellent?
  2. Can the active ingredient be distributed throughout the colony?
  3. Does the active ingredient have long soil residual?

All termiticide labels provide detailed application information that is required for successful termite control. Three key points to remember include:

  1. Follow all label directions for use as they relate to the structure being treated.
  2. The objective of a termiticide application is to provide a continuous chemical barrier between the structure and the soil that serves as a moisture source for the colony.
  3. Recognize conditions such as a front door stoop, where conversion to a foam may be necessary to provide thorough coverage.


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Dr. Chuck Silcox is the product development manager at AMGUARD.

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