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August 3, 2022


Most people in the pest management industry have heard of UPFDA. Some people even know the acronym stands for the United Producers, Formulators and Distributors Association. But when it comes to articulating what exactly UPFDA is, things get a little fuzzy for many.

Our new logo and tagline explain a little bit more: We are suppliers of industry solutions. However, after conducting strategic planning in 2021, as UPFDA President Tom Forshaw notes, “UPFDA now has a clear and consistent message that is delivered through our vision and mission, giving people a better understanding of UPFDA’s purpose in our industry.” If you look at our Vision and Mission outlined in the box at right, and articulated further on our website at, it’s clear that UPFDA members play an important role within the industry. But what does it mean to be a part of UPFDA?

If you are a supplier to the industry, you may be asking: Should I be involved in this organization? The answer is yes! But don’t take our word for it, read below to hear from Immediate Past President Scott Riley, who also is the eastern regional manager for MGK, about what membership has meant to him and how serving on the board of directors has allowed him to make contributions to the industry.


Scott Riley

Scott Riley

Every spring, I travel to the UPFDA Spring Conference, wherever it is held. (Editor’s Note: For coverage of the April 2022 conference, please see the June issue.) This is an annual meeting that I have attended for several years. I find great value in attending each year, to partake of the education offered by the presenters while enjoying the opportunity to catch up with colleagues who over the years have become good friends.

Each year, the day I return to my office from the conference, I list the top ideas that came out of my involvement in the conference. Some of these are from the session presenters, but many more come from the conversations I have with my UPFDA colleagues.

Andrea Coron

Andrea Coron

Participation in this trade association can really pay off. When I first joined UPFDA, I found this to be a welcoming group, even though we are, in some instances, competitors. The time that is spent at UPFDA-sponsored events, like the spring conference and the upcoming meeting and reception at PestWorld, allows me to develop a broader view of the industry, including issues in other industry segments. Plus, I’m able to make valuable connections, many of which have turned into lifelong friendships.

UPFDA’s Government Affairs Committee collects and shares regulatory information affecting different facets of the industry, including manufacturers and distributors, pest management professionals, consumers and regulators. This enables us all to discuss the issues and work on industry, corporate and personal responses.

In increasingly regulated industries such as those in the pest management sector, the benefits of guidance and lobbying support of an industry association are essential to all our success.

Vision: The United Producers, Formulators & Distributors Association (UPFDA) will be known as the premier national association leading the continual advancement of professionalism, high standards and ethics to empower the manufacturers, distributors and industry partners of the most highly developed products, solutions and services for the pest management industry to ensure the health and safety of our communities.

Mission: Empowering Professional Collaboration, Development, Growth & Success

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Andrea Caron is former executive director of NWCOA, and current executive director of UPFDA and Pi Chi Omega.

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